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Since the beginning of time, people have always used the warmth and light produced by the sun. With the advancement of technology we are starting to realize the many benefits that natural light has on us. Many homes are built with many gloomy areas and let’s face it light being in a building or house full of light bulbs is depressing. You can now solve these issues by installing Sun Tubes in your home or office. At first it can be a couple hundred dollar investment but the countless benefits the come with it make it well worth your time.

Many of you probably have no clue what a sun tube even is, and how it can bring natural light in your home. Basically sun tubes can be installed by cutting a whole in your roof, this is where a flashing and dome are placed to prevent leaks and heat from entering your home. From there a reflective light tube goes through your attic and stops at your ceiling, where the ceiling kit that spreads light will be placed. Installation of these are super easy and takes a first timer only a couple hours with the right tools. If that sounds scary to you then you can hire a contractor in your location that can do the job for you. These work for flat, pitched, tile and aluminum roofs.

Solar Tube Skylights can help lower your energy bills because you won’t need to use your electric during the day hours, which adds up over the year. Another great benefit is the light produced by the sun tunnel doesn’t add annoying glare and doesn’t allow heat or cold air to enter your home. It’s a great way to add more light into the dark areas of your home right away at an investment that is affordable to everyone.

Solar energy has been popular in America for well over 10 years now. It has scared most people away due to people thinking it’s expensive but that it completely false. When you start seeing the energy bills go down each month you will want to add more and more solar products to your home. It’s an addictive thing to fall in love with, and that love will save you a lot of money over the years while contributing to a healthier planet. It just takes a handful of people to start the movement on making a difference.

Energy Savings

With the market quickly becoming saturated with a lot of different types of attic vent fans, it is simple to see why aiming to choose the best one might rapidly end up being an overwhelming experience. To make the buying process less complex and to guarantee you wind up with the ventilation system that is going to work best for your requirements, we wished to supply some helpful pointers on what to search for when looking for an attic fan for the home.

Home Fan vs Attic Fan?

Okay, everybody knows the very best solar energy system would provide peaceful operation, be easy to set up, and keep the temperature level of the attic comfortable. To buy the ideal ventilation system, you need to look much deeper. Something to think about is the confusion of exactly what this type of fan is, along with its function. Numerous property owners get puzzled believing that a fan for the attic is the same as a house fan. However, the two are really various. While your home fan’s function is to keep the interior temperature level of the home according to exactly what the thermostat setting, the vent fan is designed solely for the attic, offering ventilation, drawing out hot air, and avoiding moisture develop.

Electric Or Solar?

For this kind of solar attic exhaust fan, you could select from one that operates on electrical energy and one on solar energy. Of the two, the latter is without a doubt the most popular due to the significant expense savings, and it being an eco-friendly option. For devices that operates on electrical power, it is extremely advised you have a roofing system installed design be set up by a professional because of potential for water leakage. For an attic exhaust fan, look for a fan that comes with a 25-year warranty, which is now thought about a basic offering.


Although optional, we also advise that you pick a vent fan with a thermostat. You might purchase this as an add-on later however with all the benefits provided and with the thermostat being so inexpensive, it would deserve getting it from the start. Another thing you will find is that most of the solar panels designed for this kind of ventilation system are offered in a 10 or 20-watt choice. While 10-watt is fine, you would likely benefit more by selecting the 20-watt panel.


The same is true when it comes to fans to help vent the attic. If you plan to do the setup yourself, we recommend you look at this certain type of fan or at least, get a full understanding of the time and procedure included for setting up other fan designs.


Clearly, you want equipment made with high quality metal and fans to be created and produced by real professionals. For fans that have actually sealed bearings and blades that are safely welded in location, not just would you take pleasure in quieter operation but this design function would likewise mean less wear and tear, thereby, longer life.


Home Improvement

How many of you here have attics in your home or office? If you have an attic and you are excited on utilizing eco-friendly energy as much as possible, then you need to be interested to look into purchasing an attic fan or vent. Plus the fact that working in an attic or on top of your roof can be pretty uneasy, not to discuss danger and mishap it might cause.

I know it sounds interesting but there is more to it. Want to know why you need a solar attic fan? Keep reading…

The response is here; in fact some attics can experience problems such as in moisture so using a fan can really assist with this. The solar powered attic fan will immediately work due to the fact that the energy is from the sun so in impact, there is really little effort and ability needed to install it. At the exact same time, solar powered attic fans simply need extremely little attention in the method of maintenance due to the fact that they are extremely simple devices with no excessively and technical complex parts.

The majority of probably you need to currently know that hot air increases, throughout a hot or damp day, the heat gathers in your home and then increases up to your attic. Utilizing the solar powered attic fans will totally remove future issues. It is in here where using air conditioning devices and cooling fans can cost a lot of money on electricity, maintenance, effort in cleaning the system, and with energy expenses going up all the time, discovering other options of power such as solar powered attic fans can be very satisfying and gratifying.

Do you understand that attics can be the most popular part of your home especially if it’s not well insulated? In hot summer season you can feel as if you have actually simply paced into a burning furnace. It remains in here where among the best methods to fight this problem is to have actually a solar powered attic fan that can take warm air in your attic outside. So, you want to stay cool, at the same time can assist you save money, plus be an environment advocate? Try the solar energy attic fans.

Do you understand that great deals of people in the house are now developing their own solar energy system in your home? A great deal of individuals are likewise developing wind power generators to utilize wind power to generate electrical power.

Energy Savings

Despite the fact that solar energy has actually been utilized for years, the innovation is still thought about to be typically brand-new. As individuals focus too much on advantages, for that reason, the downsides of solar power are frequently overlooked, and many fall pray to troubles, needing to invest a great deal of cash on a solar array that may not even work appropriately for one reason or another.

If you are truly serious about utilizing solar power to offer your house with electrical power, for that reason, you will find that an extensive understanding of its downsides is vital. That way, if you do your research effectively, and weigh every point thoroughly, you will find that you can make the best decisions, and benefit from the many positive elements that solar energy features.

The Contrast in between Solar and Other Green Energy Sources

Solar energy has been successfully used as an energy source for more than 50 years. Its benefits are widely known to those who are even from another location thinking about the development of alternate power sources; however, the fact is that, when compared to some other “green” techniques of power production, solar power is ruled out to be in first place in terms of efficiency or consistency.

When comparing it with solar energy, wind power is generally seen as being at a comparable level. It is more expensive; nevertheless, it does have one advantage over solar energy, considering that solar energy does not work at night.

When comparing solar power to the other 2 energy sources too, this same problem comes up. Hydroelectricity is rather less clean, nevertheless, despite the fact that it does not produce direct waste. Geothermal power is very helpful for the environment on the other hand, being comparable to solar energy in this regard; however, solar power is less effective.

Nonetheless, geothermal energy is still being investigated, as there are numerous issues with it, due to the fact that the innovation is not yet advanced enough to permit routine individuals to gain from it straight, by developing their own source of power. In this regard, solar panels really shine, as, in spite of the expense, they can be a lot easier to make, and maintenance concerns are generally unusual.

DIY Difficulties

Obviously, if you decide to make your very own photovoltaic panel ranges, you will likely encounter a great deal of troubles, specifically if you are not utilized to building things from scratch. Likewise, in order to reduce the expenses, you might need to use lower quality products that might not last on a long term basis.

Makers frequently emphasize the difference in quality and dependability in between a photovoltaic panel they make and one that an inexperienced employee might create. This is, of course, a marketing method, too, and there is no reason that you cannot develop a solid, feasible photovoltaic panel. The effort might be too much for some, however if you like doing some excellent old made work, the probabilities will be favorable.